Art Works is a boutique retouch studio that supports creatives in realising their vision. We pride ourselves on outstanding client experiences with efficient, responsive workflows.

The Art Works team have extensive knowledge of technique, creative grading and lighting. Inspired and informed by contemporary and classic imagery from diverse fields on both digital and film, we have a wide, well-rounded repertoire to draw from.

Digital modernism or analogue romanticism, we have the finesse to exceed client’s expectations in any direction.



All images have been manipulated or interpreted, whether by one’s own eye or by the film emulsion of analogue. It is impossible for two people to view the same image. They will both have different intellectual perceptions and different abilities in eyesight. The image creator is therefore freed from the mechanical reproduction of their surroundings to create new realities.

Still imagery takes a moment in time and makes it permanent. In that stillness we notice details that would otherwise elude our gaze. The shape of bodies, the redness of hands, the skin imperfections as cameras capture are all ruthlessly shown. A naturalistic view of retouching aims to match the viewers perceptual experience with that of the unmoving programmed recording device, the camera, in the same way that film emulsions are designed. Fantastical realities are unlocked by the process too and only bound to the creativity of the image-maker.

With this freedom, the image creator realises that retouching is not about creating perfected images, but rather of expressing their view (or fantasies) of reality. Retouching should be viewed and directed as a creative tool.

All imagery is art in it’s own way and making great art works.